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Welcome to the main page of our public service site - your free conflict help center

Welcome To The Free Conflict Help Center

Where ever people gather and interact there will be differences of opinion, conflict, disagreements, disputes and arguments. It's a normal part of human functioning. We all have a tendency to shy away from conflict or view it as a negative process. What's easy to forget is that conflict can be a negative thing, or it can be positive depending on the characteristics of the conflict, and how we manage and handle disputes and disagreements.

This public service site was built to help people improve their ability to manage conflict effectively once it starts, and to prevent unnecessary conflict and misguided conflict escalation

Features of This Conflict Site

  • Read free articles, tips and hints about managing conflict, interpersonal disagreements, and arguments written by conflict author and consultant, Robert Bacal
  • Find hundreds of free conflict management and resolution articles annotated and available on the Internet. This conflict material ranges from the abstract (models of conflict) to conflict style instruments you can take online, through to workplace violence. We've included hundreds of hints, tips and practical suggestions about how you can reduce the frequence and intensity and damage of conflict situations at home, and at work.
  • Learn: We've produced an innovative book on preventing conflict, and some shorter tools called "helpcards" that will help you with anger management, thinking through conflict strategies and getting along with other people. They pertain both to conflict, and to communication, since communication is so often implicated in conflict situations. Free previews are available for all of these learning tools, and they are available in printed format or via electronic download.
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Suggestion: There is a huge amount of conflict management, resolution material on this site. We suggest that you take your time and explore using the links in the top menu, and/or the drop down menus at the top.

The Conflict Library on this site contains over 1,000 articles, resources and tools to help you understand and manage conflict more effectively. To access all categories about conflict click here.

Newest Conflict Related Resources On This Site:

  • Handout: Conflict†Resolution†Skills

    By na - Free to use handout that can be used in training in conflict resolution skills. Well written, and contains a good reference list at the end. new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • MUST READ: Conflict at Work | Workplaces That Work

    By HRcouncil - Superb resource that provides some theory, and overview of various conflict situation, with behavioral referents. Excerpt: In this section, we look at managing the day to day conflict that occurs in all workplaces - ways to identify and understand it and ways to manage it effectively. As an executive director or manager, it is often your role to discern when a conflict is a normal part of the work day and work relationships or whether you need to engage an external alternative and/or refer to a more formal conflict resolution policy and procedure. new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • If the Boss Is Young and Male, Watch Out

    By TARA PARKER-POPE - Many workers are eager for more authority on the job. But new research shows that promotions and power at work also increase conflict with co-workers, particularly when the new boss is a younger man. Researchers from the University of Toronto studied job authority and personal conflicts at work by gathering data from 1,785 U.S. adults in a national survey on work and stress. The investigators, whose report was published in the August edition of the journal Work and Occupations, asked participants how often during the past month they had experienced eight workplace conflict scenarios: new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • Managing Conflict Role Playing Kit

    By na - Conflict management exercises and package for use in the classroom. Can be used for schools, or for adults, with some modifications, and includes a self-assessment. new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • Six Conflict Scenarios in the Workplace

    By na - Six scenarios on workplace conflict that might be useful to use on your own, or with attendees at conflict management seminars. Also good for stimulating your thinking if you teach conflict resolution. new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • Types of Conflict in the Workplace

    By na - The five common types of conflict that occur in the workplace: Interdependence Issues, Style Issues, Differences in Background Or Culture, Leadership Issues, and Personality Conflicts new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • Dealing with team conflict and problem solving Ė Drama Triangle Model

    By ScrumSense - The Drama Triangle is a model that will assist you, the Team Coach or Scrum Master, understand how the team member is possibly dealing with the conflict within the team or any given scenario. The Drama Triangle is a model developed by Stephen Karpman, in which a person takes on one of three habitual psychological roles within a particular situation. It is important to note that these roles occupy positions of behaviour and not statements of identity. Also important to note that one may perform one behaviour type in one context and quite another in a different context new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • The benefits of conflict at work and some tips for managing team conflict

    By Keith Ferrazzi - We tend to shy away from team conflict, but this article highlights that conflict can be used to create better problem solving, and that conflict that is ignored won't always go away on its own. Some tips on making the most from team conflict. new (Added: 22-Apr-2014 Hits: 0

  • A Practical Guide to Comprehensive Conflict Management Systems

    By Carole Houk - Many organizations have embraced alternative dispute resolution. Yet, they continue to search for more comprehensive approaches that help them not only to resolve conflicts that have escalated into disputes but also to manage risk, manage relationships and manage their bottom line. Is the answer to this search integrated conflict management systems (ICMS)? new (Added: 13-Mar-2014 Hits: 115

  • Bust Workplace Bullies And Clear Conflict In Three Essential Steps

    By Christine Commaford - The VP of Finance constantly interrupts and actively prevents others from speaking in meetings. A Managing Director at a financial services firm publicly trashes another Director's new strategy, tearing it apart. The lead software engineer makes snide remarks about the product development process during team meetings. He publicly denounces the marketing team too. What do these three have in common? They're bullies. Bullies are scary, shocking, embarrassing and far too often tolerated in the workplace. Why? Because we don't want to have to deal with them, we don't want the attack, the conflict, the discomfort. new (Added: 13-Mar-2014 Hits: 77

  • Zero-Tolerance Policies No Replacement For Management Training

    By Gavin Rouble - Indeed, zero tolerance for bullying in the workplace doesn't necessarily eliminate the causes: Excerpt: When zero-tolerance policies were first introduced as a way to combat workplace conflict, harassment, and bullying, they were a way for management to show their employees they were taking a stand. However, at some point, what started out a tool for taking a stand has become a crutch used by insufficiently skilled managers who are unable to stand without one. Regretably, some companies have introduced zero-tolerance policies, not as a way to protect their employees, but as a way to save money by not having to invest in more costly management training... new (Added: 13-Mar-2014 Hits: 134

  • The benefits of conflict at work - turning it into a positive

    By Keith Ferrazzi - Well, it's not going to make you happy about conflict at work, but it's not all negative. And, remember that the more negatively you perceive workplace conflict, the less likely you'll manage it well. new (Added: 13-Mar-2014 Hits: 74

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Established in 1992, Bacal & Associates is a small training, consulting and publishing company with a core business centering around all aspects of communication, including helping deal effectively with conflict, dealing with difficult people, and dealing with hostile customers.

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