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Welcome to the main page of our public service site - your free conflict help center

Welcome To The Free Conflict Help Center

Where ever people gather and interact there will be differences of opinion, conflict, disagreements, disputes and arguments. It's a normal part of human functioning. We all have a tendency to shy away from conflict or view it as a negative process. What's easy to forget is that conflict can be a negative thing, or it can be positive depending on the characteristics of the conflict, and how we manage and handle disputes and disagreements.

This public service site was built to help people improve their ability to manage conflict effectively once it starts, and to prevent unnecessary conflict and misguided conflict escalation

Features of This Conflict Site

  • Read free articles, tips and hints about managing conflict, interpersonal disagreements, and arguments written by conflict author and consultant, Robert Bacal
  • Find hundreds of free conflict management and resolution articles annotated and available on the Internet. This conflict material ranges from the abstract (models of conflict) to conflict style instruments you can take online, through to workplace violence. We've included hundreds of hints, tips and practical suggestions about how you can reduce the frequence and intensity and damage of conflict situations at home, and at work.
  • Learn: We've produced an innovative book on preventing conflict, and some shorter tools called "helpcards" that will help you with anger management, thinking through conflict strategies and getting along with other people. They pertain both to conflict, and to communication, since communication is so often implicated in conflict situations. Free previews are available for all of these learning tools, and they are available in printed format or via electronic download.
  • Subscribe free of charge to our Work911 newsletter that contains updates on new articles added to the site, and articles, tips and hints on all aspects of workplace success

Suggestion: There is a huge amount of conflict management, resolution material on this site. We suggest that you take your time and explore using the links in the top menu, and/or the drop down menus at the top.

The Conflict Library on this site contains over 1,000 articles, resources and tools to help you understand and manage conflict more effectively. To access all categories about conflict click here.

Newest Conflict Related Resources On This Site:

  • The Conflict Resolution Meeting

    By na - You have a conflict with a coworker. You decide you need to meet to thrash things out and clear the air. Here's how to do it. Read this first. new (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 0

  • Conflict Styles Assessment

    By Institute of Peace - Your conflict style represents your inclination, or natural tendency, when faced with a situation of conflict. Knowing the five main conflict styles can help you understand the choices you have for managing conflict. And knowing your own conflict style can help you identify how you might want to approach conflict differentlyĖĖhow you might better manage it, depending on the nature of your relationship with the person with whom you are conflict. Find Out Your Conflict Style: Take the Conflict Styles Assessment new (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 0

  • Conflict Resolution Questionnaire

    By University of Arizona - Identify your preferred style of conflict resolution. Keep in mind that most of us use different styles for different situations. new (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 0

  • How to Spot a Liar

    By Carmen Nobel - Is it possible to spot a liar? Maybe not a hundred percent, but there are linguistic cues that suggest dishonesty. Read more here. new (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 0

  • What Perceived Power Brings to Negotiations

    By Mallory Stark - Perceived power may affect negotiations in a positive way, so that there can be more win-win situations. Read more here. new (Added: 27-Apr-2015 Hits: 0

  • Examples of Cultural Differences in the Workplace

    By Ruth Mayhew - Cultural difference need not be about ethnic origin or country. Workplace conflict can occur from other "cultural" differences, like age, generation, and even gender. (Added: 16-Feb-2015 Hits: 212

  • CR Trainers' Manual: 12 skills Leaders' Manual

    By Conflict Resolution Network - 400+ page leaders guide for teaching 12 skills of conflict resolution. Ideal for anyone putting together conflict resolution courses, and its free if downloaded, but there's a printed version available for purchase. (Added: 4-Feb-2015 Hits: 218

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Established in 1992, Bacal & Associates is a small training, consulting and publishing company with a core business centering around all aspects of communication, including helping deal effectively with conflict, dealing with difficult people, and dealing with hostile customers.

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