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Top : Conflict Management Skills:

Dealing with conflict effectively involves learning and using a wide variety of skills and techniques, from mental and cognitive skills, to emotional skills through to specific behaviors. Here you can develop conflict resolution skills.

  • Listening Skills (Empathic Listening) Seminar and Audio

    By Gregorio Billikopf - Worth checking out since it's free, and addresses a very important conflict resolution skill -- empathetic listening). Download a free one hour seminar on the topic in audio. (Added: 7-Apr-2012 Hits: 613 )
  • I-Messages and You-Messages in De-escalating Conflict

    By Heidi Burgess - One of the easiest ways to defuse an interpersonal conflict is to avoid accusatory or escalatory language. One way to do this is by using statements about yourself and your feelings (called "I-messages" because they start with "I feel" or "I felt"), instead of "you-messages," which start with an accusation, such as, "You did this (bad thing)," or, "You are (another bad thing)." (Added: 15-Dec-2006 Hits: 1399 )
  • Frames, Framing, and Reframing, and Conflict Skill

    By Sanda Kaufman - How you perceive the other person and the issues, and conflict, determines your ability to manage and resolve conflict. Framing (and reframing) is a technique to help you mentally shift yourself into a set of more constructive perceptions about the conflict. (Added: 15-Dec-2006 Hits: 1724 )
  • Attribution Biases: How Do You See The World?

    By Caryn Cridland - I'm driving along a freeway. I look up to see a large four-wheel drive in front of me. At this point I don't notice any other cars on the road using their windscreen wipers. I assume the driver of the four-wheel drive wanted to clean their windscreen. The water has sprayed my windscreen...Annoying... I'm in peak hour traffic. I am already feeling frustrated! It causes a chain reaction and I have to then spray my windscreen and clean it. "Why don't they get their windscreen wipers fixed?" I ask myself. "Maybe they do it on purpose to annoy others!" I immediately jump to the conclusion that it was an intentional act of the person in front of me - to annoy me! (Added: 11-Mar-2014 Hits: 652 )
  • Negotiation Skills Audio Seminar (Free)

    By Gregorio Billikopf - Another essential conflict resolution and management skill, negotiation helps us work with others to solve problems together, which is a bit different than thinking about it as trying to beat the other guy. Here's an audio file to learn from. Note that it's in zipped format so you will need an unzip probgram (Added: 7-Apr-2012 Hits: 652 )
  • Conflict Resolution - Resolving conflict rationally and effectively

    By na - One could argue that conflict resolution through RATIONAL processes is impossible because you simply can't dispense with emotions in human relationships. That said, there's some great stuff in this article that includes conflict management styles and approaches, and a prescription for trying to be more logical and rational when it comes to conflict. (Added: 7-Jan-2013 Hits: 890 )
  • Ten New Year's Conflict Resolutions

    By Cinnie Noble - Remarkably simple, yet profound. If you want less conflict and more manageable conflict, check out these ten points, originally posted as resolutions for hte new year, but fit anytime. (Added: 11-Mar-2014 Hits: 472 )

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